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Aboth 4: Israel Will Eventually Rule

Rabbi Ya'aqob Menashe
Sunday, May 7, 2017/Iyyar 11, 5777

רבי יוחנן הסנדלר אומר כל כנסיה שהיא לשם שמים סופה להתקים ושאינה לשם שמים אין סופה להתקים "Any assembly which is for the sake of Heaven, will eventually exist. One that is not for the sake of Heaven, eventually will not exist" (Pirqei Aboth 4:14 [11]). What is the need to add the second part of the sentence, when it is understood from the first?

The great Kabbalist, H"R Yehudah Fetaya, 'a"h, writes in 'Atereth Rahel that the Assembly (Kenessiah) which is for the sake of Heaven, is an allusion to Kenesseth Yisrael (the Jewish people), who all assembled together at the foot of Mount Sinai, to receive the Torah. Even though they are currently in exile and the kingdom has left their hands, nevertheless, eventually in the future, they will once again rule.

The assembly that is not for the sake of Heaven, hints at the kingdom of Edom. Even though we might see them sitting tranquilly, ruling the world, we must know that it is temporary. Eventually the baton will be passed to the Assembly which is for the sake of Heaven.

(See 'Atereth Rahel, 4:5)

Pirkei Avot, Ethics of the Fathers, 4:11, Pirqei Aboth, Rabbi Yehudah Petaya, Hacham, Yehudah Fetayya, Kenesset Yisrael

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