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Saying Eliyahu HaNabi, Zl"t, 130 Times

Rabbi Ya'aqob Menashe
Friday, May 12, 2017/Iyyar 16, 5777

On Mosi Shabbath, it is good to say "Eliyahu HaNabi" (Elijah the prophet), 130 times. It is also good to have in mind that the word "HaNabi" is the same value in Gematria as the word "Hayyim" (life). Eliyahu HaNabi, zl"t, merited to receive eternal life and, in his merit, we should receive a good, long and peaceful life.

In addition to saying 'Eliyahu HaNabi" 130 times, one should add "Zakhur Letob", so that one says "Eliyahu HaNabi, Zakhur LeTob" 130 times, and not just "Eliyahu HaNabi" on its own. The numerical value of the entire phrase "Eliyahu HaNabi Zakhur Letob", is 400. This has the power to subjugate the 400 forces of 'Esau, as it says, והנה עשו בא ועמו ארבע מאות איש "And behold Esau was coming, and with him 400 men" (Bereshith 33:1).

Therefore, one should say "Eliyahu HaNabi, Zakhur LeTob" and have in mind that this has the value of 400. Only saying "Eliyahu HaNabi", would not have this effect.

(See Meqabsiel, 2nd year, Wayyesei, Oth 63, 64)

Veyiten Lecha, weyitten Lekha, Moztzei Shabbat, Motzoei Shabbos, Mosi Shabbath

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