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Can We Keep G-d's Mind off Our Transgressions?

Rabbi Ya'aqob Menashe
Wednesday, July 26, 2017/Ab 3, 5777

While Torah study is required at all times, this time of year being a more dangerous one, it provides an additional level of protection. How so?

Rabbenu the Alshikh, 'a"h, tells a parable about the musician of a king, who was an insalubrious person, of very low character. The king, however, closed his eyes to all the man's transgressions, on account of the music that he played, which brought the king untold pleasure.

On one occasion, however, the musician got into a brawl with another person which ended with the the other man severing off the musician's hand. Since he could not play his music anymore, the king focused on the man's crimes and ordered him to be put to death.

When the Jewish people study Torah, it brings G-d untold pleasure. If we should stop our Torah study, we would be causing G-d to focus on our misdeeds. Our study of the holy Torah causes G-d to overlook certain transgressions.

(See Ben Ish Hayil, 1, Shabbath Kallah, Derush 1)

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