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The 10 Days: The Greater You Are

Rabbi Ya'aqob Menashe
Monday, September 25, 2017/Tashri 5, 5778

When examining one's deeds during the 10 days of repentance, if there is a doubt as to whether something is a transgression, one has to do more Teshubah (repentance) than for a definite transgression. The reason is that a person has more regret when he knows for sure that he sinned, than when he doesn't know. That is why the corresponding sacrifice (Qorban Asham Talui) was more expensive than the one for a definite transgression (Hattath).

A Talmid Hakham (Torah scholar) needs to be more careful than one who is not. The greater a person is than his neighbor, the greater his evil inclination is and his accidental transgressions are considered to be deliberate ones.

One who is honored more than he deserves, and especially if the person seeks honor, must know that he will be punished in the future over this and that it will take away from his 'Olam HaBa (portion in the world to come). It is said that if a person is praised for something he does not deserve, he should be worried. Therefore, everyone should humble himself and hope that Heaven will be merciful to him and he will merit to receive 'Olam HaBa.

(See Rama 603:1. Kaf HaHayyim, ibid., Oth 8 and 9)

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