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"I Died of Embarrassment!"

Rabbi Ya'aqob Menashe
Sunday, October 29, 2017/Heshwan 9, 5778

When you hear people say, "I died of embarrassment", is it really an exaggeration? It says in the Gemara of Baba Mesiah (58b) that embarrassing one's fellow man publicly is equated to shedding blood. The blood leaves a man's face when he is embarrassed and he turns pale (later on it turns red). This is the equivalent of shedding blood.

It says in the Gemara of Yoma (86a) that there are some sins for which repentance on Yom Kippur only puts the atonement in abeyance. It is only when the person dies that they are actually forgiven.

Therefore, if a person is embarrassed by his transgressions and fully repents, it is considered as if he repented and died and his sins are forgiven. As it says in the Gemara of Berakhoth, if one commits a transgression and is ashamed by it, all his sins are forgiven.

(See Baba Mesiah 58b. Yoma 86a. Berakhoth 12b. Sefer Ben Yehoyada')

embarrassment, Talmud, Gemara, repentance

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