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Women's corner

providing a weekly Torah minute for women.

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The stimulating "A TORAH MINUTE" books.

The critically acclaimed A Torah Minute Book, Vol. 2, TORAH GEMS AND PRACTICAL LAWS, by Rabbi Ya'aqob Menashe, with a Women's Corner by Rabbanith Ruth Menashe.

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300 Gems from the Ben Ish Hai
It is incredible how only one minute a day can impact your entire life.
A Torah Minute: 300 Gems from the Ben Ish Hai. Including the Women's Corner.
Get more information here. is a project of Midrash BEN ISH HAI where you can learn Torah anytime. It will send you a short Daily Halacha or daily Torah by Rabbi Ya'aqob Menashe.

Rabbi Ya'aqob Menashe often draws his inspiration for his Halakhoth (Halachot) and pearls of Torah from the Ben Ish Hai, Hakham Yoseph Hayyim, 'a"h. In addition, the daily bulletins include a wide variety of sources: Shulhan Arukh (Shulchan Aruch), Kaf Hahayim (Kaf Hachaim), Mishnah Berurah (Mishna Brura) and many other sources.


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A Torah Minute Testimonials

You change my entire life with one line of your divrey torah. Thank you.

J.M.Thanks for one of the best things, that ever happened to the internet. M.B.

I love
your site and daily torah minute. Toda, A.A.

for sending me these mails ... it is beneficial for my daily living... May [G-d] bless you all and help you, as you help others, to live & lead a good life. S.D.

Thank you
for the valuable advice.  L.S.

Thank you
... I enjoy my one minute respite. N.P.

I am enjoying
the podcasts and hope to listen every day. U.E.

Dvar Torah. Hazak uBaruch Habibi. R.S.

TODAH RAHBAH! Your placing the Torah Minute in Memory of My Mother was very meaningful and of great comfort to our family. Thanks, R.

B"H Thank U
so much for TorahMinute´s treasure. E.W.

I just
wanted to say that I really love reading the newsletter everyday. I was in Israel for 6 months surrounded by learning Torah everyday, and now that I've left, I've felt a little disconnected. But now that I get the e-mails everyday, I always feel like I'm learning something new, even if it's for just a 'minute'. So, thanks! Keep up the good work. M.B.

I really appreciate Torah Minute ! It really helps me in growing day by day! Thank you! J.M.B.

Im so
gratefull. You're messages bright up my day. Y.B.

nice! J.B.

Thank you
for your excellent work. I'll always try to help . Tizku Lamitsvot!  J.B.I am enjoying the short one minute laws. A.Y....

To all at ATorahMinute
. Thankyou for the educational in informative drashot.
G-d Bless. D.S.

Today was really great
. thank you and tizku lemitzvoth! I.G.

interesting. S.K.

- please fwd these to me as often as you can! Anon.

your site
is giving me insight and understanding of life in a whole new perspective. Shalom and thank you. N.N.

See what people are saying specifically about the
Women's Corner

I so much
enjoy the women's emails from the Rabbanith.  She is wise beyond imagination. S.G.

Very beautiful
! Thanks! M.R.

I like
this womens corner- section u have- brilliant! Y.S.

Thank you for this article. Mrs. B

thanx for sharing go ladies. . . J.R.

days ago, as I ordered my copies of the new Book, I revealed how much I like the Women's corner ...It has been so extradinary to read about the Matriarchs lately -- the wisdom inherent in each, to have women to revere & learn from , who exemplify ways of being that the World would have us believe is just a waste of time or unessential ...We are led to feel that all that matters is Looks, Money, & Sex! It's unbelievable ...So thank you so much for including the women's Torah portion weekely ... If our Matriarchs were not important, they would not be in our G-d's Torah ... Yours respectfully, K.B.B

Dear Rabbanit
Ruth Menashe, I would like to compliment you on your contribution to Womens Corner. The messages inspire and educate me. I love the mussar and the beauty and importance of being a Jewish women in todays world that you are teaching through this letter. Chazak u Baruch. E.S.

Thank you
very much for warm wishes [in your Women's Corner]. I wish twice as much for you and your home! Have a Good Sabbath. M.L.

messages are really very very interesting. S.K.

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