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Women's Corner

If We Don’t Have It, We Don’t Need It (Part 2)

Rabbanith Ruth Menashe, 'a"h
Thursday, June 23, 2016/Siwan 17, 5776

(Continued from )

We mentioned that the king Ahab, under the influence of his wicked wife Izebel (Jezebel), went completely the wrong way and was heavily involved in idol worship. אליהו הנביא (Elijah the Prophet) caused the rain to stop. The king was very angry with him and wanted to kill him. But Hashem told Elijah the Prophet to go to the small river called קרי and stay there. He went without even questioning what he would eat or how he would survive there.

Hashem sent ravens and in the morning they brought him bread. In the evening they brought him meat and he drank the water from the river to survive. In other words, everything is dependent on Hashem. Hashem can provide for that small worm which is inside that rock, which we spoke about, Hashem can provide for Elijah the Prophet and Hashem can provide for anybody.

If we want something and we don't have it, what it means is that we don't need it and the fact that we don't have it is a blessing! The fact that I don't have something which I really, really want is a blessing for me. Let's try to understand how.

For example, when a person wants to have a lot of money, how can you tell him that a  lack of money is a blessing? One answer is because the lack causes us to pray more. When we need something from הקדוש ברוך הוא (the Holy One blessed be He), it draws us much closer to Him. We are in close connection with Him because we realize that it all comes from Him.

If we want something we have to speak to Him and have to be close to Him. This, in turn, causes our spiritual level to be much higher. In addition, nobody is jealous of us. Doesn't that bear thinking about? Also, usually when we have a lot, it leads us to a lack of gratitude, a lack of appreciation. We feel very strong, powerful, important and think that it's all because of us.

What we see from all these examples and stories, is that we have to understand that Hashem is the source of everything. Hashem is the one who sees everything, provides for everything in every area and gives us what we need. As women, we are blessed with extra sensitivity and the ability to have faith in G-d, no matter what life brings.

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