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Women's Corner

What the Name Esther Comes to Teach Us

Rabbanith Ruth Menashe, 'a"h
Thursday, March 2, 2017/Adar 4, 5777

The name Esther (אסתר), comes from the word סתר, which means hidden. Our Rabbis tell us that Esther lost her father after she was conceived but while she was still in her mother’s womb, and lost her mother on the day she was born. So here we have a baby coming into the world, with no father and no mother.

Because of the circumstances connected with her existence, Esther was the perfect person to be able to understand that there is a reason for everything. She came into the world without a father or a mother. Why? There had to be a reason. There has to be a reason why things happen the way they happen. There also had to be a reason why, even though she was the wife of Mordekhai, according to what our Rabbis tell us, she was taken by force to the king’s palace to marry Ahashwerosh. She understood that there was a purpose and there is a G-d who plans everything.

Very often in life, we cannot comprehend the turn of events in our personal lives, or the world at large. We too, have to always understand that there is some deep reason behind whatever happens. Things don't just happen in life for no reason. There was a reason why Esther came to this world without parents. There was a reason why she was taken to the palace of Ahashwerosh. She could have said, "Why am I here? It serves no purpose. Look at my miserable life. I came to this world with no parents, I was brought up by my uncle, and he married me. Now I was taken away from him. I have to live in this palace with this terrible man."

She didn't say any of these things. She understood that there was a purpose. This is something that every single one of us has to understand. We must understand that, like Queen Esther, 'a"h,  we need to see Hashem in our personal lives, and in general, and see His hand in everything, even when it's not so clear or obvious. We have to look to see that everything had a purpose and reason. We have to realize that there is a reason for everything and Hashem is there, guiding us and planning everything for us.

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