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Women's Corner

Perfecting Our Character Traits, Part 2. עבודת המידות

Rabbanith Ruth Menashe
Friday, November 14, 2014/Heshwan 21, 5775

Why is it so important, for every single one of us, to improve our character traits, our Middoth?
Any unrefined or "bad" quality which we have in us, creates a separating wall between us and G-d. There seems to be a correlation between the depth of closeness we can achieve in our relationship with our Creator and the type of people we are.

Moshe Rabbenu, 'a"h, perfected all his Middoth and reached unimaginable spiritual heights, to the extent that G-d spoke with him face to face!

I have heard people commenting about the fact that in our generation, there seems to be a decline or lack of awareness about investing time and effort in this valuable area. I believe, you may have heard it too. It may be interesting to note that Rabbenu Hayyim Moshe Luzato, 'a"h, who lived around 300 years ago (1707-1746), made a similar comment in the introduction to his famous work "Path of the Just" (Mesillath Yesharim).

He explains that the purpose for writing his book, which deals with עבודת המידות, perfecting our qualities, is for creating awareness in his readers, of this topic which is already well known to them. However, he adds, the more well known a topic is, the more forgotten it is.

We live in a world which does not necessarily value people who are humble, keep away from the pursuit of the pleasures of the world and seek purity and holiness in their lives. We are fortunate to have the guidelines of our eternal holy Torah, which paves the the path we should all follow, even when it is contrary to the the rest of the world.

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