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Women's Corner

A message for Hanukkah

Rabbanith Ruth Menashe
Friday, December 19, 2014/Kislew 27, 5775

We feel surrounded by light, when Hanukkah is around. Lights create warmth, joy, hope and simply pleasant feelings inside us.

Each and every one of us was gifted with a unique and most special inner light which is hidden inside us.

One way of illuminating the world around us is with the gift of a smile. A smile, just like a candle, ignites another smile. When you smile at
someone, he or she will instantaneously smile back at you. At the same time
it doesn't detract from the effectiveness of the original smile.

A dear friend of mine told me that she was recently attacked by a virus,
which caused part of her body to be paralyzed. The worst thing for her was
the fact that her partial paralysis affected her face and as a result she
couldn't smile! She shared with me that the worst thing for her was the
fact that she couldn't smile at her husband and family.

It seems to me that it is no coincidence that in the holy language, the
term  הארת פנים "Hearath Panim", which means showing kindness and favor to
someone, specifically uses the word "Hearah," light. For an act of kindness
to be complete, it should be accompanied with a smile. When you smile at
someone else and your face lights up, you bring light into the inside of
those around you.

It may be interesting to note that we refer to our redemption as light and
often times speak about the light of the Mashiyah, May he come speedily in
our days, Amen.

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