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Women's Corner

Mother of the King, Daughters of the King

Rabbanith Ruth Menashe, 'a"h
Wednesday, May 20, 2015/Siwan 2, 5775

If we had the option of being a mother or grandmother of a king, would we grab it with both hands or would we push it away? And if the king in question was none other than King David, what would our decision be? Of course we would embrace it immediately. What was this great quality of Ruth that she deserved to be referred to as the "Mother of the King" (Em HaMelekh)?

In truth, there are a few reasons, and one of them was her modesty (צניעות). We women, have an amazing potential and power within us. We may not have the opportunity to be the grandmothers literally of King David himself, but we do have the opportunity of raising royal children in our home. Modesty is the area where a woman can really soar, influence and effect not only herself, not only her home, but the entire Jewish nation.

You know how it is with children, if they go to school and they see that their friends have a certain kind of sneakers, then they also have to have the same sneakers. The same applies to us women and the way we are dressed. If we see other religious women walk around in skirts that don't cover the knees properly, then we get tempted to follow suit. It's not that we don't know what's right and wrong, the problem is the application and the practice.

But modesty does not apply to our mode of dress alone. For instance, how do we call our husbands? Do we shout out: "Joe!", from one end of the house to the other? Or do we make a point of going close to him and speaking quietly to him? This is also an aspect of modesty.

As the holiday of Shabu'oth approaches, I think it is appropriate for each one of us to spend a few minutes asking ourselves: "What do I have to do to grow a little more in this area of modesty, in this area that represents who we are?". After all, not only does each one of us have the potential of being a mother of princes and Kings, but each and every one of us is also the daughter of the King of kings, the holy One, blessed be He. Shabu'oth is the perfect time to work on ourselves to have the Middoth of the mother of the king and the daughter of the King.

I hope and pray that we will be able to experience the process of receiving the Torah, following the footsteps of our model Ruth and, I hope we will have the most meaningful Shabu'oth.

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