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Women's Corner

G-d Knows What We Want. Why Pray?

Rabbanith Ruth Menashe, 'a"h
Thursday, June 18, 2015/Tammuz 1, 5775

Whenever we say a Berakha (blessing), we start with the words: "Barukh Attah Hashem" (Blessed are You O L-rd). We are blessing G-d, the Holy One blessed be He! This begs the question, are we in a position that we can bless Him? Who are we that we can bless Hashem? All Berakhot that we recite start like this!

One explanation is that when we say: "Barukh Attah Hashem", we are saying that we acknowledge that G-d is the source of all blessings. But there is another meaning.

What was Hashem's purpose in creating us? Why did He give us Torah? Why did he give us the Miswoth (commandments), that we have to do and keep? If we have to think about it in the most simple way, the reason why Hashem created man is because He is the source of all good. He is all good and wants to share His goodness with us, His people. So how do we receive all His goodness? By being very close to Him. When we are close to Him, we can get all His goodness. But He doesn't just give, He wants us to do something ourselves, in order to receive it.

He wants us to ASK Him. Hashem wants to give us all His goodness, but He wants us to turn to Him and ask Him to give us of His goodness. That is why we have Tefillah (prayer). In truth, Hashem knows what is good for us and we could argue that if we ask for specific things, they may not really be good for us. He knows better than we do and maybe He should give us without us having to pray. The answer is that He wants us to ask Him, so that He can give us.

If a poor person, who is in need of assistance, doesn't call us and come to us to ask us to give him, we will not give. We need to be approached in order for us to give. The same applies to us, vis-a-vis Haqqadosh Barukh Hu. He wants to give us, but He just wants us to turn to Him so He can give us all His goodness.

(To be continued)

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