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Women's Corner

Children are the Mirror of their Parents.

Rabbanith Ruth Menashe
Wednesday, January 2, 2013/Tebeth 20, 5773

One of the most fascinating phenomena I have observed is the external resemblance that children develop, as they grow older, to their parents. It is amazing to see how when they mature, they look just like their parents.

In a deeper sense, children resemble their parents in the way they act and behave. Working in a school environment, I find it interesting to witness how, almost without exception, meeting a child's parents clarifies and explains that child's behavior. Children are the mirror of their parents. Everything we say or do is engraved in our children's minds, hearts and souls: the spoken words as well as the unspoken ones, our facial expressions, the way we eat and dress, and how we act on the road and inside our homes.  We are constantly under the watchful eye of our own children.

A child who is happy and self confident is fortunate to have a parent who is content and has a healthy self esteem. A child with a temper usually has a parent who has a temper. The list is endless. If we want to have children who are kind to others, we must be kind ourselves. If we wish that our children will grow up to be honest individuals, we must be honest too.

It is incumbent upon us parents, to be fully aware of this incredible tool that we have. We do not need to talk, explain or lecture. All we need is to BE the kind of people we want our children to be.

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