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Women's Corner

Excerpt From Detoxifying Our Souls

Rabbanith Ruth Menashe
Wednesday, September 4, 2013/Elul 29, 5773

Don't miss two important Shi'urim on video, by Rabbanith Ruth Menashe:

Revealing Our Inner Beauty

Detoxifying Our Souls:

Hakham Yosef Hayyim, 'a"h, brings a parable about a man who, unfortunately, could not see too well. He wanted to perfect his eyesight and inquired about a suitable eye doctor. He heard about someone in another city who had made a big name for himself and went to see him. Unfortunately, what he didn't know, was that he was not a real doctor but a fraud.

This quack "treated" the man, but ended up blinding the poor man. When the patient complained that he was unable to see, the quack informed him this this was a normal phase, but would end with complete healing. The quack was worried, however, that his monumental error would become public knowledge and ruin his reputation. So he decided to make him go deaf as well so that he would not be able to communicate wih others and spread the word about him.

Does this sound like a crazy story? Perhaps it does. But aren't we doing the selfsame things to our souls? When we come to this world, our souls are shining, but they get blocked and covered by the distractions and temptations of the physical world. We need to focus on perfecting ourselves and allowing our holy souls to shine again. But what do we do? Instead of making a Tiqqun (rectification), we do worse things to our soul, just like the story of the doctor and the man's eyesight.

This is the time to focus on our souls and detoxifying them from all the toxins we have fed them. Even in the midst of attending to all the physical matters, we should consciously devote time to intensifying our Tefilloth (prayers), read Tehillim, collect Miswoth (good deeds), as if we are collecting precious stones, and we should talk constantly to Hashem.

He is our loving father in Heaven, who longs for us, His children to come close to Him.

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