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Women's Corner

We have the Power to Bring the Shekhina

Rabbanith Ruth Menashe
Thursday, October 10, 2013/Heshwan 6, 5774

The idea that a man and his wife have the power of bringing the Shekhina, so that it rests between them is an incredible one. The question is how can we actually do it.

Ribbi 'Aqiba taught that when a  husband and his wife are worthy, the Shekhina dwells between them. The word used in the Gemara by Ribbi 'Aqiba for the term "worthy", is: "Zakhu", which is a verb that means to purify. How do we purify ourselves?

Our Rabbis of blessed memory tell us that all one's sins are forgiven on one's wedding. One reason for this is that after we get married, we are no longer separate individuals, independent, to do what we want. Once we unite with our spouse, we must learn to consider the other person's opinions, preferences and choices. As a result, we focus less on ourselves and our needs and more on our spouse's needs.  This is a guaranteed recipe for acquiring  humility. This is a powerful enough reason for a bride and a groom to be forgiven all their sins.

On a daily basis, we should try to put the above into practice. Both husband and wife should purify themselves by putting their spouse's desires and preferences ahead of their own. The phrase: "Me Myself and I" should not be part of the Jewish home values. This is the way the Shekhina will dwell in our homes.

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