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Women's Corner

"Pesah: Cleaning with Joy"

Rabbanith Ruth Menashe
Thursday, April 3, 2014/Nisan 3, 5774

In many people's minds, the words cleaning and joy are contradictory. I remember a popular children's song which we all sang, as the holiday of Pesah was approaching: "Great Joy, Great Happiness, spring has arrived, Pesah is coming..". While we may all be happy that spring is around the corner, we may differ as to how happy we are that Pesah is coming. Comments, such as: "Such hard work - So much pressure - Can't clean any more rice", and so on, are not uncommon.

As a child, one of my  most pleasant memories of this time of year, takes me to cleaning for Pesah. I would like to see every woman and every mother wherever she is, preparing for Pesah with Joy.

It is an unfortunate fact that the percentage of women suffering from panic attacks, extra pressure and manifesting other similar symptoms rises substantially before Passover. Remember the song? " Great Joy, Pesah is coming".

Some of the most important, yet most simple advice I can offer -- is something that we all know and have heard many times before. Only clean where Hames (hametz) will be found. Please do not let the Yeser Hara' (evil inclination) overcome you and force you to polish chandeliers, wash curtains and paint the walls, and tell you that if you don't, your house will not be Kasher LePesah. Yes, this is nothing but the evil inclination, the air in the bread, that we have to get rid of. Play music while you clean, get your children involved and remember the key word -- "Be'Simha" -- with joy and happiness.

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