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Women's Corner

A Personal Message for Pesah (Passover)

Rabbanith Ruth Menashe
Sunday, April 13, 2014/Nisan 13, 5774

The month of Nissan and the Holiday of Pesah are probably associated with miracles, more than any other time in the Jewish calendar. As we prepare ourselves for the upcoming holy day we should also prepare ourselves for the final redemption, which we are told is likely to take place in the month of Nissan, and will be accompanied by unimaginable wonders and miracles. Our Rabbis of blessed memory tell us that the miracles of the future Geullah (redemption) will transcend the amazing miracles that were seen at the time of the redemption from Egypt.

This is the time when we should, perhaps, each consider our own personal miracles. In our daily hectic schedule, and due to the fact that we are human beings, we often tend to not recognize the numerous miracles that Hashem in His infinite kindness, bestows upon us.

It may seem contradictory, but it is quite common, that in times of hardship we have the ability to discover and appreciate G-d's miracles more than at other times, but it's not automatic. It requires us to work hard at it and consciously strengthen our connection with G-d. But hard though it may be to see G-d's miracles during times of hardship, it is even harder to see them when things go smoothly without any bumps on the road.

For instance, when we say in Birkhoth Hashahar (morning blessings), "Who opens the eyes of the blind", we should try to appreciate this enormous gift of being able to see our dear family members and the beautiful world that Hashem created for us. We should acknowledge it as a great personal miracle. I sometimes wonder whether, if we were able to raise ourselves to the level where we do see G-d's miracles every day, whether we would still have to go through the path of challenges in order to see them and appreciate them.

On a personal note I would like to share with you that though I have been going through challenging times, I can honestly say that I have been privileged to appreciate both the small and the big miracles that Hashem does for me every single day. I pray that I, together with all of you, will attain the level it requires to see G-d's daily miracles.

May we merit to witness great wonders and miracles for the entire Jewish people and see the Geullah speedily in our days, Amen.

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